Gabriele Mastropasqua

During his training he obtained visibility as a saxophonist through collaborations with musical talents of the national and international jazz scene such as Paolo Fresu, Achille Succi, Vince Abbracciante, Giorgio Vendola, Luigi di Nunzio, and many more. He also boasts the collaboration as musician and composer with various orchestral formations, among others, the “Dolphin Jazz Orchestra”, the “Jazz Studio Orchestra”, the SJU Orchestra in the event Chigiana Meets Siena Jazz “Bernstein-Gershwin Sounding Times” and the “Orchestra Filarmonica Pugliese” in the event “Giorni di Ordinaria Pazzia”. Also immersed in the field of popular music, has shared the stage with artists as Deborah Johnson, Simona Molinari and Irene Grandi.

Nowadays, he is active in various musical projects and is the founder of the programme “Jazzed-Up!” which includes various formations from duo to orchestra. With the latter, directed by M° Roberto Spadoni, he published his first record of unedited pieces for jazz orchestra.