Karkum Project

Karkum Project is an “open project” that deals with research, study and revival of the different cultures of peoples.
In the field of cultural diffusion, it has been implementing various initiatives since 2017.
From 2018 to 2021 produced three documentaries (“Pizzica Pizzica: Franca Tarantino and the traditional Salento dance”, “Mario Salvi: the discovery of the accordion and pizzica in the land of the trulli”, “Arbaresh: The musical traditions of the ancient Albanian communities in Italy”) as well as collaborating with Enrico Scarinci on the research, recovery, study and re-proposition of the traditional songs of Central Italy (Sabina). During the pandemic they produced Earth Mother a music videoclip with musicians from different parts of the world (Italy, Spain, China, Iran) to raise awareness for a more conscious and respectful rebirth of our Mother Earth.

In 2020 with the musical program “Sefarad” they promoted and re-proposed the ancient Sephardic songs. An important testimony of the multiculturalism of the whole Mediterranean. A first study by Claudio Merico and Giulia Tripoti, which will flow towards the development and representation of the different Iberian cultures that coexisted in Al Andalus (Arab Spain in the Middle Ages) in the Middle Ages.
The material and the research carried out aim at the dissemination, cultural aspect and the production of the first album of Karkum Project called “Aljama” (in Arabic “religious community”).
In 2023 Karkum Project produced the album “Sahira – Stories of heroic women”, an original work (lyrics and music) in the field of world music focused on the heroic and divine feminine in which international guests from the Mediterranean to India and Africa participate.