Among the pioneers of the most experimental Italian world music.

The music by NIDI D’ARAC is pure pleasure of dance and sound, it’s an ongoing party, it’s emotional involvement, it’s spirituality.
Its concerts are somewhat comparable to raves where, next to the ancient score of the ‘pizzica’, there’s the alienating rhythm of a metropolitan reality.Inestimable the collaboration of their dj ‘sound manupulator’ with his hints to club culture, breakbeat, trip hop, drum&bass, together with flute , violin, drums, bass, voice dance and performances and videoinstallations. Lead singer of the band is the young musician from Lecce, Alessandro Coppola, whose creativity and love for his land have produced a passionate and mindful research of contents right from the tradition, the musical, the poetical, the folkloric ones of the Mediterranean culture, acquired and elaborated.