Susanna Buffa

Susanna Buffa is a folk singer, a musician and a music journalist.

She began her musical activities at just the age of six, learning the piano. She started performing live in 2007 alongside Lucilla Galeazzi, a leading figure in the Italian folk revival. She is involved in several projects by Lucilla Galeazzi, for example: “Le Voci d’Oro”. Susanna Buffa is also the co-founder of the “Fiordispina”: vocal trio with Sara Marchesi, Nora Tigges, and of the Italo-Bulgarian Roma-Sofia vocal quartet; with Sara Marchesi, Milena Jeliazkova and Milena Roudeva . She has already performed in some of the most prestigious Italian theaters, including France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

She works as a vocalist with some musicians of the Italian electronic scene, including the most influential composers in Italian cinema: Teho Teard, the musicians Eugenio Valente and Marco Machera, with whom Susanna founded the electronic project The Batts and, still as a vocalist, with American composer Andrew Powell for recording music for the cinema.

She composed with Eugenio Valente the soundtrack for the film “Lavender Braid” by Magdalena Hill, 2016, Seattle, USA.

In May 2017 she organized a concert in Amatrice for women affected by the earthquake, bringing together many female voices from the Italian folk scene. From that experience the “TerreDonne” collective is born, formed by twenty Italian musicians with the mission of bringing music to the most isolated communes of the earthquake, providing a contribution to the moral reconstruction of citizens and the restoration of the social fabric in those territories. The “TerreDonne” group is still active and already includes exhibitions in various areas of Lazio and Umbria.